PolyWEC is organised in 6 workpackges (WP):

WP1-“Concept and modelling” concerns with the study of basic wave-energy-conversion principles and concepts based on DE, as well as theoretical models and numerical tools needed for the development and assessment of PolyWEC devices. Multi-physics hydrodynamic-electro-mechanical models will be conceived to provide reliable numerical simulations of the dynamic interaction between Dielectric Elastomers (DE) and water waves. These complex dynamic models are developed here and employed in other WPs for the design and control of the new PolyWEC devices, and for the techno-economical validation of PolyWEC technology.

WP2-“New materials and transducers” aims at the development of innovative materials and assemblies of energy conversion units for wave-energy harvesting. In this WP, experts on dielectric elastomers will work together with experts on systems integration and control for the development of innovative nano-structured DE materials and for the design of innovative DE-based transducers that are optimised for the wave-electricity conversion principles/concepts that are conceived in WP1.

WP3-“Design and control” deals with the integrated design and implementation of the innovative PolyWEC devices, along with the development of their controllers. This WP involves the contribution of experts in (1) control of electromechanical systems, (2) control and design of mechatronic systems based on DEs, (3) design of electromechanical marine systems and (4) design, control and test of wave energy converters. In this WP, optimised small-scale PolyWEC devices are constructed for subsequent experimental testing in WP.4.

WP4-“Wave tank testing” is a demonstration WP that carries out experimental testing and evaluation of scaled PolyWEC devices (those constructed in WP3) within a wave-tank basin. Tests are carried out by major experts in wave-tank testing of wave-energy converters with the support of the developers of WP1-WP3.

WP5-“Assessment, Exploitation and Dissemination” deals with the first economic-environmental assessment of PolyWEC technology, as well as with the dissemination and exploitation of Project results. Activities of this WP are coordinated by one of the most world-renowned institutions in the study of wave-energy-converter technology applicability, and involves a SME for the development of an effective exploitation plan.

WP6-“Management and coordination” focuses on the management and coordination of the Project. The management is lead by a well experienced institution in the context of coordination and management of European projects.